Nhapúpwè works with key players in education. In this way, together, we are strengthening our contribution to promoting the quality of education in Mozambique. Nhapúpwè’s main partners are the Mozambican authorities responsible for pre- and primary education, especially the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Affairs as well as their representatives in the provinces.

Organizations such as UNICEF, GIZ (Society for International Cooperation), USAID and CARE are also Nhapúpwè’s partners. Thus, synergies are formed, Nhapúpwè’s areas of activity expanded, and Nhapúpwè’s innovations and work results can be used for an even greater context.

Cooperation is not only at the level of technical exchange and mutual stimulation. Nhapúpwè receives from its partners contracts for the implementation of concrete projects in the areas of training, consulting and innovation development.

Nhapúpwè and its partners have already achieved good results in the following cooperation projects:

  • Joint Development of the National Educators Advanced Training (Ministry for Women and Social Affairs / USAID)
  • Incorporating Nhapúpwè’s concept of pedagogical planning into the national program for pre-schools and educators advanced training
  • Training in the production and use of didactic materials for teachers and teacher trainers in the provinces of Inhambane, Manica, Sofala and Zambezia (Ministry of Education / GIZ / UNICEF)
  • Advanced training for educators in child-centered, inclusive education in the provinces of Inhambane, Manica, Maputo, Gaza and Cape Delgado
  • Development of locally produced playground equipment and training of trainers and community workers in its production and use (CARE)
  • Regular visits and teaching observation by local teachers and compact training organized by the local education authority