Nhapúpwè does not have any regular funding apart from the monthly contributions of the parents. Therefore, support in the form of donations or funding of material is an important help for the work of the association.

Nhapúpwè can finance the running costs (including salaries) through the solidarity contribution concept on site. So the association’s work is sustainable and is in the sense of the approach help for self-help.

Nhapúpwè needs your support for the following areas:

  • Larger investments such as building more classrooms and upgrading infrastructure
  • Consolidation and strengthening the quality of the work areas and impact of Nhapúpwè
  • Demand-oriented advice and support of the team

How can you support the work of Nhapúpwè?

  • With a donation you can support the investment in infrastructure and quality of Nhapúpwè’s work, which sustainably supports many educators and children in Mozambique.
  • Donations of material such as painting and handicraft material, toys and children’s clothing are always welcome, as well as help with the transport of material from Germany to Mozambique.

You can offer your support directly to the association Nhapúpwè or to our support association in Germany. Donations to the association in Germany are tax deductible and fully benefit the work of Nhapúpwè in Mozambique.

If you need a donation receipt for the tax consideration, please indicate this in the purpose of the transfer with the name and address of the recipient of the donation receipt. The donation receipts are normally issued and sent out at the end of the year. If you need the donation receipt faster please contact the chairman Tobias Krause.

Support Association in Germany 

To assist the work of Nhapúpwè, a support association was founded in Germany. The aim of this association is to create a network through public relations with other institutions in the field of basic education and to support the work of Nhapúpwè by collecting donations and thus to support children in Mozambique. New members are warmly welcome. If you are interested in a membership or would like more information about the association, please write us or call us.

Support Association Nhapúpwè

Gudrun Grosse Ruse
Nikolausweg 34
48167 Münster

Chairman: Tobias Krause
Phone: +49 (0)171 3174771

Bank details
Bank: Sparkasse Münsterland Ost
IBAN: DE68 4005 0150 0034 3416 85

Members of the Support Association


Petra Fujiwara
External Auditor


Gudrun Grosse Ruse


Gesine Grosse Ruse
Vice Chairwoman


Tobias Krause


Jenny Echelmeyer

Special thanks

SH Telekommunikation Deutschland GmbH has been supporting the work of Nhapúpwè for years. So the association could set up its own infrastructure with buildings for the pre-school and first classrooms. We are very grateful for the intensive support of SH Telekommunikation Deutschland GmbH!

Many private individuals also support Nhapúpwè; some of them got to know our work on site. Without this help, we would not be able to implement the continued growth and quality of Nhapúpwè. We thank all supporters!