Working areas

Nhapúpwè is committed to the quality of pre-school and primary education in Mozambique. In addition to the management of our own pre-school and elementary school, our offer includes the areas of training, advice and innovation, whereby the focus is always on practical application.

In Nhapúpwè pre-school, children are supported on the basis of child-centered, inclusive education. In elementary school, the national curriculum is implemented using active learning methods. The child-centered and action-oriented implementation of pre-school and primary education is still new in Mozambique. The children’s group is financed by the solidarity contribution concept.

The development of pedagogical innovation deals with the question of how to realize qualitative primary education in Mozambique with limited resources. The innovative didactic materials and educational activities are based on the use of local resources and are utilized and tested in the practice of Nhapúpwè’s own pre-school and elementary school.

In our training courses for educators, teachers and trainers in child-centered and inclusive education, great value is placed on providing the course content in a way that is appropriate to the culture. In order to facilitate the implementation of what has been learned, theory and practice are closely linked.

With our advice and consulting services we support the institutional support of local partners and authorities. These include state partners such as the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Affairs and non-governmental organizations such as UNICEF, GIZ and CARE.