Advice and Consultation

In order to sustainably implement the promotion of qualitative basic education in Mozambique, Nhapúpwè offers advice for local partners. Nhapúpwè cooperates with the responsible state authorities for pre-school education and primary education, the ministries and provincial directorates for education as well as for gender, children and social affairs. Nhapúpwè gives suggestions on different areas of basic education and promotes an intensive exchange with the responsible specialist staff.

The staff of the Ministry of Education and the Directorate of Women and Social Affairs visit Nhapúpwè as an opportunity for professional exchange and inspiration. Also the non-governmental organizations, such as UNICEF, GIZ, Care and Path cultivate intensive exchange and cooperation with Nhapúpwè for their basic education concepts.

Other basic education institutions from many provinces of Mozambique (including Inhambane, Tete, Cabo Delgado, Maputo, Manica, Sofala, Zambezia) are using our consulting services. Supported by continuing education and supervision, practical suggestions are given and the institutions strengthened in order to sustainably improve their pedagogical work.

Educators, teachers and students of the College of Education are offered to attend the educational activities of Nhapúpwès pre-school and elementary school. There they learn in practice about the implementation of child-centered and inclusive pedagogy. The exchange of experiences, achievements and challenges in basic education is promoted and questions are clarified. Thus, the visitors receive important suggestions for the work in their own educational institutions.