The pre-school currently accommodates up to 70 children between the age of three and six, with or without disabilities and with different social and cultural backgrounds. In an inspiring and loving environment, children learn and play from Monday to Friday from 7.30 am to 12 noon. Daily activities are offered in which the children playfully get to know the first numbers and letters. With a variety of free work and supporting materials as well as play and exercise programs, the children explore subject areas that are later taken up in elementary school. In this way, they are prepared for the school and will experience the association’s motto ‘diversity enriches the world’ in an equal partnership.

The educational concept of the pre-school is based on child-centered and inclusive pedagogy. This is how the child, with its abilities and needs, takes center stage. The versatile offer of activities promotes the integrated development of the child. The encouraging interaction with the child strengthens its self-confidence and promotes independence. Such success experiences are increasing the motivation of the children. With supportive guidance, they learn to express their feelings and to accept those of others as well.

Didactically, Nhapúpwè focuses on the concepts of action-oriented learning, self-control and learning with all the senses. These methods are combined with aspects of Mozambican culture and implemented using local resources.

The pre-school is financed by monthly contributions from parents. A solidarity contribution concept allows children from low-income families to attend the pre-school for free. There are three contribution groups, with one third of the children coming from families paying full, medium or small / no contributions.