Nhapúpwè offers training for educators, teachers and trainers in child-centered, inclusive pedagogy and didactics. The organization has already trained more than 500 teacher trainers, teachers and educators in 7 provinces of Mozambique. The methods are tailored to the target groups and focus on the following aspects:

Intensive practice connection
The theoretical contents are combined with examples and observations from the field and thus can be experienced directly. By participating in the educational activities of Nhapúpwès pre-school and elementary school, participants are receiving important input for the implementation of what they have learned and can make use of it in their own educational institutions. Even if the training is not implemented at Nhapúpwè on site, the practical application is promoted through role-playing games, films, collections of ideas and reflection on one’s own practical experience.

Participatory and culture-appropriate teaching methods
Active participation is promoted through a variety of exercises, role plays, reflection practice and simulations. The course content is illustrated with examples from the participants’ experience background. By this the contents are easy to understand and the motivation of the participating educators is high.

Production of didactic materials
The participating educators, teachers and trainers produce didactic materials during the course for use in their educational institution. Only local materials are used and the use of didactic materials is trained. This stimulates the creativity and self-activity of the participants and facilitates the implementation of what has been learned.