About Nhapúpwè

Nhapúpwè is a non-profit association committed to improving the quality of pre-school and school education in Mozambique. Our motto is: ‘Diversity enriches the world’. This applies to inclusive children groups as well as to our intercultural team. Nhapúpwè means butterfly in the local language – a symbol that shows children how different colors and shapes enrich the world.

Our goals
Nhapúpwè contributes to more quality in basic education in Mozambique. Children in Mozambique will be strengthened through qualitative pre-school and elementary school education. They should be encouraged and given the opportunity for a successful school and life career.

In order to reach as many children as possible, Nhapúpwè carries out further education and counseling. So we have already supported more than 500 educators, teachers and trainers in 7 provinces of Mozambique in their basic knowledge of child-centered, inclusive education.

Focus areas
We do not just care about our own students, we also make sure that our example forms a precedent. That’s why we share our knowledge and experience with others. In its work areas of training, advice and innovation Nhapúpwè focuses on practical orientation. In trainings and counseling, theoretical contents are illustrated and made comprehensible through observations in the association’s pre-school and elementary school. Based on the question ‘how qualitative basic education can be implemented with low financial resources’ and also on practical experience, pedagogical innovations are developed, tested in pre-school and elementary school practice and also passed on to our partners (such as the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Women and Social Affairs, UNICEF and GIZ).

The Nhapúpwè elementary school is sustainably financed by a solidarity contribution concept. Local families which are financially better off are enabling the participation of disadvantaged children in school education. This approach, which is still rare in Mozambique, is now well established and enables continuing coverage of running costs on-site. For more projects and investments, Nhapupwè relies on donations and external financing.

Cooperation with the government
The Ministry of Education of Mozambique has already achieved good results in the expansion of primary education. A focus is now set on increasing the quality of education throughout the country. Many students in Mozambique still cannot read and write sufficiently even after the fifth grade. Classes are predominantly frontal-style and teachers lack experience in new child-centered teaching methods.

Creating a foundation for school education
Pre-school age plays a key role in the development of linguistic, cognitive, motor and social skills. Due to malnutrition, over 40% of Mozambican children have developmental delays. Qualitative pre-school and elementary education can improve children’s starting conditions. The Mozambican Government therefore devotes special attention to this phase.

Therefore, the work of Nhapúpwè puts special emphasis on this phase which is particularly important for young people, and doing so actively supports the work of the government. Nhapúpwè’s work is highly appreciated by local partners. The population, authorities and organizations gladly and intensively make use of the offers of our association.

Impact study

The German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) in 2013 commissioned a study about Nhapúpwè with the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ). It documents Nhapúpwè’s impact and the scaling-up potential of Nhapúpwè’s approach to early childhood education.

Download the study here (PDF).

Working Areas



The pre-school accepts up to 35 children aged three to six years with and without disabilities and from different social and cultural backgrounds.

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Nhapúpwè offers training for educators in child-centered, inclusive education. The methods are adapted to the target group and set its focus on the following aspect…

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To promote a sustainable high quality pre-school education in Mozambique, Nhapúpwè offers advice to local partners.

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Ever since the founding of the association, Nhapúpwè has been developing pedagogical innovations.

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Elementary school

In its five classes from grade one to five, the elementary school accommodates up to 25 children each, among them those with and without disabilities, as well as from different social and cultural backgrounds..

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