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Innovation development

Nhapúpwè aims to improve the quality of education in Mozambique, particularly in terms of child-centered and inclusive education methods, despite limited financial resources. To achieve this goal, Nhapúpwè develops didactic materials that can be made from local resources and designs activities for teaching and learning and for educational games based on hands-on learning and cooperative learning. It also takes into account how the national curriculum can be implemented using these methods and how teaching methods can be implemented in large class sizes and under simple conditions, such as under a mango tree.

At Nhapúpwè, didactic materials are developed that can be produced from local resources, as well as activities for teaching and learning games based on action orientation and cooperative learning, all aimed at improving the quality of education in Mozambique, especially with regard to child-centered and inclusive educational methods, despite limited financial resources. These materials and activities are used, tested, and further developed in the preschool and primary school of Nhapúpwè to ensure that they are motivating, durable, and easy to implement. The Nhapúpwè team consists of individuals with different backgrounds and educational qualifications, including volunteers from the Weltwärts program from Germany as well as special education teachers from the Förderverein. The team’s heterogeneity is seen as an opportunity to broaden the perspective of each team member and learn from one another. The team meets regularly to discuss successes and challenges and develop solutions, maintaining a respectful exchange that often leads to surprising innovations.

Training And Consulting

Nhapúpwè disseminates its developed pedagogical innovations through training and consulting to other preschools and primary schools, as well as training institutes and decision-makers in the government. So far, over 1,000 teachers, educators, and trainers have been trained in the basics of child-centered and inclusive education nationwide. Through collaboration with the government, many of Nhapúpwè’s experiences and suggestions have been incorporated into national education programs and regulations. Nhapúpwè places particular importance on practical relevance in the offered training sessions. The importance of the topics for daily work with children is demonstrated. The training sessions involve a lot of observation, simulations, role-plays, and small films. Didactic materials are produced together with the participants and their usage tested. The focus topics are modular and can be put together according to needs. The topics are related to the basics of child-centered, inclusive education, active learning methods, and the production of didactic materials.

Preschool And Elementary School

Our work mainly focuses on the preschool and primary school of Nhapúpwè, which represents the center of our educational vision. We attach great importance to respectful interaction among all children and to creating an environment where children enjoy learning. In our school, children from different social backgrounds, cultural heritages, and with and without disabilities attend preschool and primary school. Financially better-off families contribute with a solidarity fee to enable one-third of financially disadvantaged children to participate as well. Nhapúpwè’s preschool and primary school have gained a good reputation in the city, resulting in long waiting lists.

In preschool, we place special emphasis on promoting the basic skills of children so that they have the necessary foundations and can meet the academic demands of their future schooling. In Mozambique, linguistic and fine motor skills are often not promoted in early childhood to a level that allows successful academic achievement. Therefore, it is important to offer comprehensive support early on, combined with play and fun. Our students can play, experiment, and pursue their interests in a diverse and stimulating environment. We also place great importance on active and cooperative learning methods in primary school, which enable children to discover and explore subject areas independently. The heterogeneous composition of the students is also taken into account in our primary school because we believe that an equal coexistence broadens the perspective of each individual and lays the foundation for tolerance.

The preschool and primary school also serve as a source of inspiration for our partners. Educators and teachers from other institutions come to observe, and decision-makers from various authorities and organizations seek ideas. It can be observed firsthand how child-centered, inclusive education can be implemented.

The Nhapúpwè preschool and primary school play a central role in our work, as it is the place where our ideas of good educational quality are put into practice. Our goal is for all children, regardless of their social background, cultural heritage, or ability, to enjoy learning and acquire the necessary foundations for their future schooling.

We are proud that our work in the Nhapúpwè preschool and primary school is now well-known throughout the city, and we have long waiting lists due to high demand. We believe that early and comprehensive support for children is the key to their future success, and we will continue to do our best to provide high-quality education for all children in the future.

What Can Be Financed With Donations?

Thanks to donations, Nhapúpwè was able to grow to become a national reference center. The ongoing costs of the preschool and primary school are funded by families based on a solidarity contribution concept, ensuring sustainability and continuity even without donations.

For the expansion of infrastructure, Nhapúpwè relies on donations, and additional financial resources are required to fund training and consulting services. To be able to share experiences and pedagogical innovations and reach as many children, teachers, and educators as possible, Nhapúpwè relies on donations and cooperation partners.

Expansion Of The Infrastructure

Sports Field

Covering of the sports field, so that physical education classes can take place on the field during the hot summer months.


Extension for the preschool so that more children can be enrolled in the Nhapúpwès preschool.


Furniture and equipment for the annex of preschool and elementary school.

Donate to Nhapúpwè

Nhapúpwè is supported by an association founded by a parent and educator initiative.

The aim of the association is to strengthen preschool education in Mozambique in general. The school in Inhambane is also used as a center for training, innovation development, and consultation. Educators and government partners receive practical support from Nhapúpwè in achieving good quality education with limited financial resources.

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