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Nhapúpwè is a non-profit organization that advocates for more quality in preschool and school education in Mozambique.

Our motto is: Diversity enriches.

This applies to both our inclusive groups of children and our intercultural team. Nhapúpwè means butterfly in the local language – a symbol that also helps children understand how different colors and shapes enrich the world.

Our Goals

Our main goal is to improve the quality of basic education in Mozambique and support every child in realizing their full potential, regardless of their social background or potential special educational needs.

Through early support and encouragement in childhood, we aim to give children the opportunity to pursue successful academic and life trajectories and break the cycles of poverty. We share our knowledge and experiences with decision-makers, trainers, teachers, and educators and provide methods for child-centered, inclusive education, even with limited financial resources. The ideas and suggestions of Nhapupwe are incorporated into national guidelines and curricula, and educational personnel are trained in practical ways to improve the quality of education in their own institutions.

Diversity Enriches

Children should experience the enrichment of diversity at an early age. We wish for a respectful approach where every person is accepted, regardless of financial or cultural differences or disabilities. Our heartfelt desire is reflected in our name, Nhapupwe, which means butterfly in the local Bitonga language. Like butterflies, children can learn that different shapes and colors enrich the world.

We aim for our preschool and primary school to be operated sustainably, without depending on short-term project funding. Therefore, families cover the running costs. To ensure that disadvantaged families also have access, we rely on a solidarity contribution principle: families with higher incomes finance the participation of children from more challenging backgrounds. This principle has proven successful, thanks in part to the location in the provincial capital of Inhambane, where all social strata are represented. Here, children from different backgrounds learn to appreciate and respect each other.

We also want to ensure that our educational quality benefits other institutions. Therefore, we offer training and consulting services to share our teaching methods and learning materials. Our curriculum corresponds to the national curriculum, and we focus on child-centered and inclusive learning with active and cooperative methods. Our didactic materials are produced locally and can be used in other schools as well.

The History of Nhapúpwè

In 2005, two teachers from Mozambique and a German special education teacher joined forces with a parents’ initiative to found a preschool. Initially, five children played and learned in a garden while a suitable house was being renovated. The monthly fees for the children were based from the outset on a solidarity principle, whereby financially better-off families supported the participation of disadvantaged children. The learning materials and toys were made from local materials from the very beginning. The children had fun and learned well, so their number grew steadily.

2007 – 2010

In 2007, a non-profit organization was founded, and with over 25 children, a search for a larger house began. Other preschools were also interested in Nhapúpwè’s experiences, methods, and materials, so the first training sessions for educators were held in the same year. The number of children and educators continued to grow, and parents increasingly pushed for the concept to be expanded to include primary education.

2011 – 2013

With the support of the German embassy and donations, construction of the school building began in 2011, and in 2012, the first grade of the Nhapúpwè elementary school was taught. The support association in Germany was founded. At the same time, the demand for consulting and training from Nhapúpwè continued to grow. Collaborations with authorities were expanded, and Nhapúpwè was able to help shape the curriculum for national teacher training. Teacher training programs were now being offered nationwide in collaboration with various partners. In 2012, Nhapúpwè met mobilezone (then still powwow), which gave the development an enormous boost. Regular donations enabled Nhapúpwè to build its own buildings for the preschool and elementary school and increase the number of children. The government and other cooperation partners took Nhapúpwè even more seriously due to their own infrastructure.

2014 until today

In 2014, the first training sessions for teachers and trainers from the national teacher training institutes took place. In collaboration with UNICEF, Nhapúpwè was able to train many teachers and teacher trainers in the north of Mozambique in the following years. The construction of additional classrooms (also financed by mobilezone) enabled a two-track system at the primary school from 2018, so that even more children could attend. Today, more than 350 children attend the preschool and primary school of Nhapúpwè, and a team of over 30 employees takes care of the well-being of the children and the dissemination of Nhapúpwè’s experiences and pedagogical innovations.



Currently, the preschool accepts up to 75 children aged three to six, with and without disabilities, as well as with different social and cultural backgrounds.

Primary School

The primary school admits up to 25 children with and without disabilities from diverse social and cultural backgrounds in each of its six classes for grades 1 to 6.

Further education

Nhapúpwè provides trainings for preschool and primary school teachers and trainers in child-centered, inclusive pedagogy and didactics.


To implement sustainable promotion of quality basic education in Mozambique, Nhapúpwè provides consulting services for local partners.


Since the establishment of the association, Nhapúpwè has been developing pedagogical innovations based on the question “How can high-quality basic education be implemented with limited financial resources?”

The Team of Nhapúpwè

Nhápúpwè’s team consists of educators with different professional experiences. The basis for our teamwork is an open and equal exchange among employees, where everyone can contribute their ideas and visions, actively shaping the work of Nhápúpwè.

Edison Cumbi

Professor (Lehrer, Teacher)

Celeste Juliao

Apoiante de Inclusao (Inklusionsassistentin, Assistente for Inclusion)

Emelina Judith Mapanzene

Gerente (Geschäftsführerin/Managing director)

Brigida Zunguze

Professora (Lehrerin, Teacher)

Bento Manguele

Motorista (Fahrer, Driver)

Francisco Penicela

Guarda (Sicherheitspersonal, Security)

Yolanda Paruque

Contabilista (Buchhalterin/Finance)

António Francisco Perengue

Director Pedagogico Adjunto da Escola Primaria (Konrektor Grundschule/Vice-principal elementary school)

Excelsa Isaías

Contabilista (Buchhalterin/Finance)

Aida João Chitsumba

Tecnica de Inovacao (Innovationsbeauftragte/innovation guide)

Gesine Grosse Ruse

Consultor e Fundador (Beraterin und Gründerin/Consultant and Founder)

Celeste Valente

Educadora (Erzieherin/Educator)

Diocleciano Ricardo

Educador (Erzieherin/Educator)

Ricardina Cumbana

Educadora (Erzieherin/Educator)

Albertina Nhacuongue

Educadora (Erzieherin/Educator)

Zélia Mesa

Educadora (Erzieherin/Educator)

Alex Guambe

Professor (Lehrer/Teacher)

Baptista Moisés

Professor (Lehrer, Teacher)

Edna Alberto

Professora (Lehrerin/Teacher)

Iradna Matimbe

Professora (Lehrerin/Teacher)

Jéssica Macava

Professora (Lehrerin/Teacher)

Manga Cooke

Professora de inglês (Englischlehrerin / Resp. English teacher)

Márcia Jossias

Professora (Lehrerin/Teacher)

Ofélia Mamuel

Professora (Lehrerin/Teacher)

Simão Júnior

Professor (Lehrer/Teacher)

Sisto Bande

Professor (Lehrer/Teacher)

Vanessa Armando

Professora (Lehrerin/Teacher)

Casimiro Jeremias

Guardas (Sicherheitspersonal/Security)

César Miguel

Guardas de segurança (Sicherheitspersonal/Security)

Ivone Rubi

Pessoal Auxiliar (Servicekraft/Service staff)

Madalena Filipe

Pessoal Auxiliar (Servicekraft/Service staff)

Margarida Bernardo

Pessoal Auxiliar (Servicekraft/Service staff)

Maria Amosse

Pessoal Auxiliar (Servicekraft/Service staff)

Mindoca da Conceição

Pessoal Auxiliar (Servicekraft/Service staff)

Nélia Jacinto

Educadora (Erzieherin/Educator)

Jossias António

Motorista (Fahrer/driver)

Jércia Danúbia Jamu

Directora Pedagogica Adjunta da Pré-escola (Leitung Vorschule/Head of preschool)

Denise Cabir

Professora matemática (Verantw. Lehrerin für Mathematik/Resp. maths teacher)

Eduardo Ndinguinduane

Eduardo Ndinguinduane

Professor de desporto (Verantw. Lehrerin für Sport/Resp. English/sports teacher)

Inocencio Lourenço

Inocencio Lourenço

Professor (Lehrer/Teacher)

Ivete da Ivania

Ivete da Ivania

Professora de português (Verantw. Lehrerin für Portugiesisch/Resp. Portuguese teacher)


Donate to Nhapúpwè

Nhapúpwè is supported by an association founded by a parent and educator initiative.

The aim of the association is to strengthen preschool education in Mozambique in general. The school in Inhambane is also used as a center for training, innovation development, and consultation. Educators and government partners receive practical support from Nhapúpwè in achieving good quality education with limited financial resources.

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